Moreno Fendero

Moreno Fendero is a 24-year-old French national dubbed “the Bangui bull” in honor of his Central African heritage. He changed his nickname to “The Soldier” when he made his professional debut in September 2023, to emphasize his military background and the values that the army instilled in him, namely discipline and consistency. According to him, the army instills these values about life and work, which combine well in boxing.


After being introduced to the noble art in 2015, within a few months of training, he earned a spot on the French national team, and has competed in the 75kg division throughout his amateur career. In 2016, he earned his first honors and was crowned French Junior Vice-Champion. He repeated the feat in 2017, but this time to collect gold.


His transition to the senior ranks in 2018 proved equally fruitful. He triumphed over Victor Yoka to claim the French Elite title, which he successfully defended in 2021. This rapid evolution marked by success didn’t stop there. The young man joined the army and the military boxing team. 2021 was also a busy year for the athlete, who took part in several national and international competitions. He swept up several honors, including the title of French Elite Champion for a second time, as well as finishing 3rd at the World Military Championships and the European Championships.


Working alongside the world’s elite boxers gives him the experience and confidence to keep up the momentum. He finished 3rd at the 2022 Mediterranean Championships and 3rd at the 2023 World Elite Championships. But with compatriots such as Christian Mbilli and Mathieu Bauderlique, alongside whom he competed, pursuing professional careers in parallel, the idea of making the leap to the major leagues began to take hold.


So, in June 2023, he joined Eye of the Tiger to begin his new adventure in the professional ranks. He will work under the guidance of Marc Ramsay and his team to begin this new chapter.