Since 2008, Eye of the Tiger has been committed to recruiting the most promising talent, arming them with the tools and support to ensure their success, and creating opportunities that will allow them to scale the greatest heights of their endeavors. In order to achieve excellence, we work as arduously and with the same ferocious determination as our athletes do in the ring.

Ten years after its inception, EOTTM is as determined than ever and reiterates its goal of building a force to be reckoned with on the international scene, and to train champions who will transcend the sport and kindle passions.


Eye Of The Tiger wishes to thank all of its partners who have contributed to the development of local athletes for several years. More than ever, boxing is flourishing in Quebec. Quebec boxers, both amateurs and professionals, shine on the international scene. Boxing galas are multiplying at a dazzling rate and thrill people across the province. And it is thanks to your precious collaboration!