Erik Bazinyan and Yves Ulysse Jr. will kick off Eye of the Tiger’s 2023 calendar when they share the spotlight at the event presented on Thursday, February 2 at the Casino de Montréal, alongside Raphaël Courchesne, Christopher Guerrero, Alexandre Gaumont and Avery Martin-Duval, as well as two of EOTTM’s new recruits, Wilkens Mathieu and Jhon Orobio.

ʺ2023 looks very promising for EOTTM; 6 of our athletes have reached the top 15 of their respective divisions and are knocking at the door of some major fightsʺ, notes EOTTM general manager Antonin Décarie. “Their upcoming fights will be pivotal in their careers, and so we’ve stepped up the calibre of the opponents they’ll be facing in the coming year, to make sure that they’ve got the tools they need and are ready to take on the challenges they’ll be confronting in the next few months.”

In keeping with this approach, Erik Bazinyan (28-0, 21 KOs) will be defending his NABF and NABA titles against seasoned boxer Alantez Fox (28-3-1,13 KOs) in a scheduled 10-round super-middleweight fight. This shapes up to be a competitive fight, as the American has shown a lot recently, especially against Demetrius Andrade, whom he KO’d in the seventh round, Liam Williams, in a championship bout, and David Morrell.

A towering 6’4’’, Fox has definite height and reach advantages, as well as enviable endurance that allows him to go the distance over 10 rounds. Fox’s strengths will force Bazinyan to stay vigilant, organized and strategic throughout the fight. The Quebecer by adoption says that his father’s passing last July has made this match even more significant to him. “This is a very important and special fight for me, because I lost my father a few months ago and this will be my first fight without him by my side. This motivates me enormously and I know that no one can beat me. On February 2, I’m going to prove that I deserve to be starring in world class fights,” insists Erik Bazinyan.

In the evening’s semi-final, Yves Ulysse Jr. (22-2, 12 KOs) will confront American Olympian Javier “The Untouchable” Molina (22-5, 9 KOs). Well ranked internationally, Molina has delivered solid performances, notably against Amir Ahmed Imam, whom he defeated by unanimous decision, and Robbie Davies Jr., to whom he lost a split decision on the Brit’s home turf. This complex opponent will certainly prove to be a force to be reckoned with for Ulysse, as he has good power and is technically gifted, meticulous in setting up his openings, and very patient in seeking out the perfect moment to strike.

The February 2 event will also be special for Capitale-Nationale native Wilkens Mathieu, who is making the leap to professional boxing after signing a multi-year promotional agreement with Eye of the Tiger. “In our opinion, Wilkens is currently the jewel in the Canadian boxing crown and we are thrilled to have recruited him to join the team,” says Antonin Décarie. Wilkens has a high boxing IQ and sharp instincts, coupled with formidable athletic qualities and a potent punching power that has allowed him to stand out on both the national and international stages.

“I’m really happy to graduate to the professional level. I’ve been anticipating this move since the moment I put on boxing gloves. I’m more than thrilled to join the EOTTM team which whom I’m sure to make my way to the top! February 2 will be the beginning of a great adventure and I’m sure looking forward to it!” claims Wilkens Mathieu.

Marc Ramsay started thinking about recruiting Jhon Orobio in 2021, when he observed Orobio win the bronze at the Junior World Championship in Belgrade. Any doubt Ramsay might have had evaporated when he witnessed Orobio’s transition to the seniors, where he immediately became dominant, thanks to his undeniable physical strength and impeccable technique. He went on to earn another bronze medal at his first continental championship. Orobio’s determination was forged in the mean streets of Cali, Colombia, and helped shape his aggressive style. He is agile, talented and completely devoted to his athletic career. In the opinion of many experts of the Sweet Science, Jhon possesses all the tools to succeed at the professional level and become a fan of boxing fans here in Québec, who will be able to see him in his first pro fight in early 2023.

The complete Casino de Montréal February 2 boxing card will be revealed shortly. Tickets go on sale on Thursday, December 15, at 9:00 am on the Ticketmaster network. For more information, follow Eye of the Tiger on Facebook and Instagram @eottm_boxing as well as on Twitter @eottm11 or subscribe to the newsletter by filling out the online form.