Shamil Khataev

The year 2024 will undoubtedly be a pivotal moment in the career of Shamil Khataev, the younger of the two Khataev brothers. After a dozen victories in 12 professional fights, Shamil has decided to join the ranks of EOTTM to continue his professional development alongside his brother Imam. Seeing what the promoter has done for him in just a few months, Shamil seized this new opportunity that presented itself.


Since the age of eleven, the younger Khataev brother has been practicing the noble art after being initiated by their father. Shamil has honed his skills and become an accomplished boxer in the amateur ranks, accumulating 300 fights, including 290 victories. He was crowned Russian champion during his time as a junior, and repeated the feat among seniors. By competing on his native country’s national team, he has had several opportunities to measure himself against the world’s elite and lay solid foundations to achieve his ultimate goal of transitioning to the professional ranks. It was in April 2019 that he took this step, notching his first victory in the process.


With a style of his own, showcasing his athletic qualities and remarkable endurance, Shamil Khataev is experiencing a rapid ascent. Securing his first career title, the WBC Asian, as early as his 8th fight, he competes in the middleweight division at 160 lbs, showing competitiveness and using his intelligence in the ring to dominate his opponents.


With unwavering determination and a strong desire to position himself as one of the best middleweights on the planet, Shamil Khataev is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his ambitions. It will be interesting to see what the next year holds for him alongside his new promoter!