Jhon Orobio

The young man grew up in the streets of a tough neighborhood in Cali, where options to change his life are limited. Despite this, his primary motivation has always been to improve the quality of life for his family, and to do so, he has taken refuge in sports. Before turning to boxing, Jhon Orobio played soccer. At the age of 10, his interest in sports led him to take up boxing and he discovered Mohammed Ali, who became his inspiration.


He took his first steps in the gym and learned the rudiments of the noble art. He quickly demonstrated technical skills and natural talent. His perseverance and his stubbornness to perform will lead him to compete. He quickly carved out a place for himself on the amateur boxing scene, competing first in departmental championships and then in national championships. He was so successful that he was selected to the Colombian national team, which opened the doors to major tournaments such as the Pan American Games and the World Junior Championships where he won a bronze medal. It is at this time that he is noticed by Marc Ramsay, who begins to take an interest in him. When he moved to the seniors, just 18 years old, he was able to impose himself. His power is above average for his age and weight, as he competes with physically bigger, older and more experienced boxers. He is a technical fighter with an aggressive style that will stand out in the super feather division and delight Quebecers!


At 19 years old, he joins the Eye of the Tiger team and makes his professional debut in March 2023. He is a promising young athlete!